The Department of Economics was started in the year 1954. Dr.V.Shanmugasundaram (1954-58) former Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University was the first Head of the Department of Economics. Prof.U.K.Menon (1958-1980), as Head of the Department developed the department of economics. Under the able guidance of Prof.Dr.V.Loganathan, former Head of the Department of the Economics (1980-1992), the Department became the Post Graduate Department in the Year 1980. The Department is Fifty Six year old and it has been conducting P.G. courses for Three decades. In 1991, Dr.V.Loganathan, former Head of the Department of Economics got recognition to guide research leading to Ph.D. on Part-Time basis and guided three Ph.D. candidates successfully. Subsequently, Dr.S.Dhanasekaran (1992-2001) and Prof.T.S.Gopinath (2001-2003) headed the Department for nine years and two years respectively.

In 1993, Dr.A.Gunasekaran, the present Head of the Department of Economics got recognition to guide candidate doing research leading to Ph.D. He has guided 18 Ph.D., candidates successfully.

In the year 2003, University Madras has recognized the Post Graduate Department of Economics as a Research Centre to conduct research leading to Ph.D. Programme both Full-Time and Part Time.

Dr.S.Rengarajan and Dr.D.Rajaekhar got recognition to guide research leading to Ph.D. in the year 2003 and 2009 respectively.

There are eleven faculty members with one vacancy. The faculty members are extremely talented and competent approach from the end semester results; their participation in Indian Economic Conferences and Tamil Nadu economic Conferences were regular activity. They also participated in seminars, national and international and the presentation that they make in seminars While result in publication in journals and chapters in books.

Faculty Profile:

Sl.NO Photo Name of the Faculty,
Qualification & Designation
1 Dr.T.Marimuthu, M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D
Associate Professor and Head
2 Dr.A.Arangasami, M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D
Associate Professor
3 Mrs.B.Gangabai, M.A.,M.Phil.,
Assistant Professor
4 Mrs.S.Bharathy, M.A.,M.Phil.,
Assistant Professor
5 Dr.V.Saravanan, M.A.,M.Phil., Ph.D
Assistant Professor


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