Evaluation Report of the B.B.A Department There are five faculty members in the department. The faculty members are extremely talented and competent approach from the end semester results. They participated national seminars. At the entry level most of the students relatively hail from socially and economically marginalized sections of the society in North Chennai. One of the welcome features in recent years is the growing number of girl students leading to in near future gender party in the student demography. Keeping in view the socioeconomic background of large number of students serious and sincere efforts are being taken to hasten their learning process. Such efforts have not only borne fruit in building core competencies in the subjects but also in enhancing their language and communication skills.

The special care was taken by the faculty members as a result an upward trend is observed in terms of pass percentage. Drop out rates among the students are reduced gradually by paying special attention to the needy students. Both the parents and the students are counseled by the faculty members and highlighting the significance of higher education for the future of the students. The department is endowed with an array of educational resources which facilitates the learning process among students. Beyond the academic work the faculty members pay particular attention to the personal needs of the students who come up with certain range of issues. Counseling of the students proved to be the efficacious method in adhering such problems. Faculty members sensitize the students about the emergence of new avenues of opportunities for employment in various sectors and guide them to access those opportunities. Several students from the department have found employment both in the government services and also in the private sector like MNC’s companies. The department has roadmap to improve the academic performance through emulation of best practices pursued in other colleges so as to enhance the skills.


  • BBA course will Provide Basic Knowledge, Understanding of Key Business Foundation Disciplines including Business Environment, Economics, Resource Management, and Business Information Systems.
  • BBA course treat as Professional course like Engineering, Doctors, Lawyers.
  • BBA will develop your Knowledge and understanding of the Principles of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development, and Manager Roles.
  • BBA course will prepare you for work in International Work Environment.
  • BBA course will also develop Practical Managerial Skills, Communicationa Skills, Business Decision making Capability.
  • BBA course will Provide many programmes thus Incorporate training and Practical Experience, in the forms of Case Projects, Presentations, Internships, Industrial Visits And Interaction With Experts From The Industry.
  • BBA course will Emphasize Humanities and Social Sciences like History, Economics, Commerce, and Literature. Coverage of Mathematics is Generally Business Related, Business Statistics, and General Statistics.
  • Key Elements of this course is Collaborate Leadership, Global Perspective, Diversity Of Instruction, Experiential Learning.

Faculty Staff Members in the Department of Bachelor of Business Administration

Sl.NO Photo Name of the Faculty,
Qualification & Designation
1 Mr. S. Venkatesan, M.B.A., NET.
Associate Professor & Head i/c
2 Mr. Pramila Devi, M.B.A., M.L.M.,
Associate Professor
3 Mr. R. J. Yuvanesh Kumar, M.B.A., M.Phil.,
Associate Professor
4 Dr. M. Ravikumar, M.B.A.,M.PHIL,Ph.D.,PGDS.M, PGDHOS.M.,
Associate Professor

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