Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is a well knitted and the most sought after Department by the students aspiring to pursue higher studies in Science, after schooling. It has adequate facilities in terms of class rooms, laboratories, workspace, glassware, chemicals, equipments, library, etc., in order to meet the requirements and quality standards of the exponentially growing Science & Technology era. Over and above, the Department of Chemistry provides LCD, Computers with Internet facilities, continuous water supply, proper aeration and required ventilation, LP Gas supply, suction pumps for filtration, etc., wherever & whenever required by the students, in addition to having adequate safety measures against any eventuality.

In all, the students of this Department are being offered with quality education and excellent educational ambience, in order for them to have an edge over others in terms of becoming wholesome, competitive and employable.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics caters to the needs of Physics “Main” and “Allied” students in terms of theory and practicals in a big way, for the past few decades. The department is well equipped in terms of staff and infrastructural facilities. It houses very advanced and highly sophisticated instruments to meet the requirements and standards of today. To name a few, the department, even for its routine use in practical classes, uses microprocessors, LED, etc., in addition to possessing the conventionally required equipments meant for teaching in physics. With these, it is hoped strongly that these students of physics acquire hands-on experience, in addition to being cognitively stronger, so as to meet the challenges of the world outside.

Department of Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology.

Young botanists in the Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology Department undergo rigorous theoretical and practical training in classical as well as emerging areas in Plant sciences by creative and dedicated faculty members. The department is well equipped with student and Research Microscopes, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Rotary shakers, Laminar flow chambers, necessary glass wares, autoclave, herbarium, and botanical garden for practical, teaching and research purpose.

The Department maintains a Botanical garden since inception, a treasure of plant wealth, conservatory of rare, endangered species, trees and shrubs which are the witnesses of glorious era of the Botany Department, catering to the needs of young botanists of today. The Herbarium cum Museum in the Department is being maintained by Herbarium keeper and staff members.

The Post Graduate and Research Department of Zoology

The Post Graduate and Research Department of Zoology offers an undergraduate programme for the students who want to pursue higher studies in life sciences. The department takes pride in fulfilling the required University allotted strength of students. The curriculum is competitive including conventional subjects in zoology integrated with studies in recent advances in zoology besides offering subjects of vocational importance. The Department is fully equipped with adequate infrastructure supported by highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty and service oriented non teaching staff. The department is very spacious and is accommodated in the life science block. It utilizes modern teaching technology tools along with traditional methods of classroom teaching. The department also offers a post graduate programme in zoology for the students to facilitate their higher studies. Research activities are being carried out under the guidance of able supervisors.

Commerce Lab

The students of B.Com Computer Applications are regularly utilizing the facilities available in the commerce lab for interrogation and learning the commerce lab is provided with a touch screen facilities attach a computer for downloading the data from internet for regular discussion in the class room between the teacher and a taught.

Smart Room

Smart Room located in P.C.M.Block of Sir Theagaraya College. Picture in the left demonstrates a student of commerce presenting a power point projection as a project work. Picture in the right shows power point projection on the multimedia project of screen fastened to the wall of the smart room. Regularly the student of Sir Theagaraya College, Shift-I and Shift-II, are being expose to power point multimedia presentations.

Department of Computer Science and B.C.A.

The department is well equipped with a lab, with proper LAN Connection and broadband internet facilities. The students of the department are provided with facilities of campus interview for getting allotment in various private agencies during the seventh or eight semester. This kind of job opportunity is being provided year after year.

P.G. and Research laboratory of Zoology

The P.G. and Research laboratory is housed with all the necessary equipments to facilitate Post Graduate students for their practicals and Research students to undergo their research in a proper conducive ambience. This laboratory is also dedicated to the former Principal, Prof.M.K. Shanmugam.

Zoology Smart Room

To infuse information technology in our teaching methodology and to enhance the learning process, a smart room initiative has been realized in the Department. A state of art smart room is dedicated to our former Principal, Prof.M.K. Shanmugam with a seating capacity of 80 is now a pride to the existing infrastructure and learning resources. The smart room is utilized to conduct seminars, invited lectures and to take classes pertaining to the curriculum for both UG and PG students.

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